Motocross Membership and Rules




Membership costs £30.00 for one rider and £10.00 for each additional rider from the immediate family, cheques payable to NSJMCC Ltd. The membership runs from 1st January and expires 31st December. 

Send membership to Club Secretary

Payment by online banking available, contact Club Treasurer for Bank Account details.






Fees for Autos £30.00    

           Juniors (65cc) £45.0

          85cc- Schoolboy  £50.00

          Adult Open  £55.00





Please book  online via the ACU website, no payment on day!   Booking via ACU website is required 

We will still offer a refund if for some reason you cannot ride, BUT ONLY if you text or ring Motorcross Booking In  (Via email or facebook will NOT be accepted).

The booking is through the ACU website and if you have applied for a licence on-line then you are all ready set up to do on-line book in. Debit and credit are accepted; your entry form is filled in and signed on-line. If you do not have a licence you can still use the on-line booking, order and pay for you day licence.
For those of you supplying a marshal you will have to pay in full and we will refund your marshal money on the day.

 Also you must produce your ACU licence at EVERY meeting when signing on and are paying on the day, if not you will be charged £15 for a day licence. (As per ACU handbook –National Sporting Code Chapter 7 - 7.11)

 Booking in online means a "FAST LANE", if everything is done on-line you will only have to sign your name and you can  avoid any queuing. Also you will need to sign on first before Technical inspection.




18 races over 8 meetings.
To qualify for an end of year trophy you have to of raced at least 18 races as a member in the same group. Your best 18 races will be added together to decide your end of year placing. This means you can drop 6 races from any meeting this year.

We have struggled to find days that do not clash with other clubs running in the area, if dates come available through out the year we will look at adding dates, we will not change the championship criteria.




1-99 in each group, for new members, for existing members with 3 digits numbers these can be kept. Please check if you are moving up your number is available. We will hold your number from last year till 31st January 2016

If you wish to check number availability please contact the Club Secretary


MOTORCROSS CLASSES (max per class 38)


Auto max 50cc air or water cooled………..6-8years
65’s (junior) max 65cc………………………7-10years
Small wheel 85cc 2stroke/150cc 4stroke………9-12years **
Big wheel 85cc 2stroke/150cc4stroke……….11-15years
Schoolboys’ 125cc 2stroke/144 2stroke/250cc 4stroke.14-17years
Adult Open. +18years including a veterans 35+ championship ***


** Small wheels will run with big wheels unless too   many riders for one group.
***Adult will do 8 minute timed practice to decide A or B group. Over 35’s championship will be run within a & b groups re-pointed at end of day.



We are affiliated to Auto Cycle Union (ACU); therefore you will require an ACU licence, apply to or telephone 01788566400. This must be produced at your first race meeting, if not you will have to purchase a day licence at £15.00 and provide a copy of your birth certificate. Also you require an ACU licence to be a full club member and to qualify for the club championship.

The ACU have introduced an authorisation code system, this means to get your licence signed by us you will have to be a fully paid up 2016 member of the club. The ACU will not issue licenses unless you have joined a club.
This year you must produce your ACU licence at EVERY meeting when signing on, if not you will be charged £15. (As per ACU handbook –National Sporting Code Chapter 7 - 7.11), unless you pay on-line.




We advise members to have their own transponder as the club only holds 20 to hire on first come first served basis, once they are all hired out, you will have to make your own arrangements. If you hire a transponder you will have to buy a bracket for £7.50 and this can remain on your bike.

The cost for one year to have your own transponder is £72.00 from follow timing products – individual Products – Mylaps MX X2 transponder pack (1year) £72.00 or Mylaps MX Personal Transponder Pack £255.00 Technical inspection.





You will have to sign on first before you can go to Technical Inspection and take spare bikes as well.




Marshal not required. Our marshalling policy is; Pay £10 per rider not to marshal. The option is still available if you would like to marshal for a half day, please book in by the Wednesday before the meeting to secure a point.


Auto and 65cc’s pick up duties are now voluntary.

To book marshalling or any queries call our chief marshal




We urgently need sponsors. If you would be interested or if you know a business that would be interested in sponsoring a meeting please speak to our motocross secretary. Anyone sponsoring a meeting will be covered for marshalling for the year.


Track and Camping


For meetings held at Stonehill Pits, Great Hockham, Norfolk IP24 1SD.

The track is leased from the Forestry commission and therefore these rules apply


No one to arrive before 4 pm (Unless helping to prepare track)

No pressure washing

No barbeques (Gas or Other)

No dogs off the lead –All dogs to be kept on leads at all times including Saturdays

Fire extinguishers – One per vehicle and must be outside the vehicle during race day

Oils Mats – each bike must have an oil mat underneath it while in the paddock area and under generators (This needs to be something to catch any oil or fuel that might leak)


Please note these conditions must adhered too, your continued cooperation would be appreciated.


Signing on


Signing on will be 8am to 9.15am day of race and evening before, time to be announced.



For any queries please contact the Club Secretary or Motorcross Secretary


Please remember the committee members are all volunteers and give their time for nothing, therefore if you have a grieveince please remember to be civial and we are doing are best, we cannot please everyone all of time but we do try.


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